Rudraprayag DM Mayur Dixit Inspects Waterlogging And Cleanliness Before Monsoon Ann

Uttarakhand Monsoon: In Uttarakhand's Rudraprayag, during the rainy season, water-logging...

Uttarakhand Monsoon: In Uttarakhand’s Rudraprayag, during the rainy season, water-logging conditions arise at places, due to which it becomes difficult for local traders and passers-by to walk. Due to the lack of cleanliness in the drains, the garbage comes to the homes of the people, due to which the people living here also have to face a lot of problems. In such a situation, DM Mayur Dixit today took stock of the water logging and cleanliness system. Along with this, the Executive Officer instructed the Municipality and the contractor of NH that all drains should be cleaned so that the rain water does not flow on the road, along with this he also inspected the danger zones built on Badrinath Highway.

District administration in action before the rain
In fact, after the all-weather work on Badrinath Highway, during the rainy season in the city area Rudraprayag, due to the dirt in the drains, a situation of waterlogging arises and this dirty water enters the shops and houses of the people. In view of this, DM Mayur Dixit inspected the drains made during the all-weather work in Rudraprayag Nagar area. During this, he gave clear instructions to the NH contractor that the places where there are slaps in the drains and the cleaning of drains is not being done properly. In those places, the slap should be broken and cleaned and new slaps should be made.

DM gave necessary instructions to the officers

The DM instructed the officers that special cleaning arrangements should be made in those places where there is a situation of water logging and rain water should not flow in the roads. For this, necessary action should be taken for evacuation. He said that the persons who are dumping garbage on the roadside and surrounding areas. They should be monitored and challan action should be taken.

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After taking stock of the city area, the DM inspected the NH road from Rudraprayag to Sirohbagad. He directed the Executive Engineer NH and the contractor that JCB machines should be deployed at all times in sensitive areas where landslide situation persists during the rainy season. So that if the road is blocked, it can be opened as soon as possible.

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