Rudraprayag Landslide: Landslide on Badrinath Highway, movement stalled for three hours, problems faced by Chardham pilgrims

Rudraprayag News: Traveling in the mountains during the monsoon season...

Rudraprayag News: Traveling in the mountains during the monsoon season can prove to be dangerous. Especially on the Rishikesh-Badrinath highway, the problems have increased due to the cracking of the hills without rain. In such a situation, when and from where the boulders and debris fall, nothing can be said. The same was seen today near Narkota, seven km from Rudraprayag on the Badrinath Highway. Here on the middle highway, a huge amount of debris, boulders and trees and plants fell from the hill, which created an atmosphere of chaos all around. Fortunately, the people coming on the highway were already alert.

The danger of accidents increases due to the cracking of the mountains
Monsoon comes and goes by destroying the mountains. Even these days the condition of the ruin of the mountains is visible. The hills have cracked at places after the rain. Now the situation has become such that the mountains are cracking without rain. Due to which the risk of accidents has increased. Danger zones have also been created at different places on the Rishikesh-Badrinath National Highway. Rain or not, these danger zones are causing havoc.

Trouble being faced by local people with Chardham Yatris
You can see in the pictures that seven km from Rudraprayag between Narkota and Khankhra the hill is cracking without rain. At the same time, debris, boulders and trees are breaking from the hill. It was fortunate that even before the break of the hill, the people coming on the highway were alert and stopped beforehand. After the landslide in Narkota, the movement on the highway came to a standstill for three hours and along with the Chardham pilgrims, the local people were also upset.

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