Rudraprayag PRD Jawans Terminated From Kedarnath Yatra 2022 Protested Against Decision ANN

Rudraprayag News: Provincial Rakshak Dal (PRD) jawans, who stand shoulder...

Rudraprayag News: Provincial Rakshak Dal (PRD) jawans, who stand shoulder to shoulder with the police and administration, are angry at being thrown out of the Kedarnath Yatra. The reason for the exclusion of PRD jawans from the Kedarnath Yatra is the decrease in the number of devotees. Expressing anger against the administration, he also accused of harassment by protesting in the District Magistrate’s office. Let us inform that in the peak season, about two hundred PRD jawans were deployed on the pedestrian route including Kedarnath Dham by the Rudraprayag administration, but now the district administration has shown the way out as the number of passengers decreases.

PRD jawans suddenly out of Kedarnath Yatra

Angry PRD jawans created a ruckus in the District Magistrate’s office after being suddenly thrown out after two months of service. Slogans were also raised against the department and the administration. The PRD jawans alleged that in view of the need, the administration immediately reinstated them on the job and now they were fired without giving any reason. He told that 90 jawans have been removed and 110 have been retained. PRD jawans said that overnight orders were issued for removal. It is alleged that no prior information was given to the removed soldiers.

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If not put on the job at the earliest, there will be a furious movement

He said that there are jawans who have retained influence on the job. Rest of the PRD jawans have been fired immediately. He alleged that even after working for two months, the honorarium has not been paid yet. The PRD jawans could not talk to the District Magistrate. In such a situation, he warned that if the job is not kept at the earliest, then there will be a fierce agitation. In this regard, Additional District Magistrate Dipendra Negi said that PRD jawans have given a demand letter. Action will be taken in the matter.

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