Rupee at All Time Low: Today a record fall has been recorded in the rupee against the dollar and it has opened with a big fall of 21 paise. Today the rupee has opened at Rs 77.13 per dollar against the dollar and on Friday it closed at Rs 76.92 per dollar. This is the biggest fall ever seen in the rupee today and the rupee has come to its all-time low level.

Rupee came to Rs 77.20 per dollar in early trade itself
In the early trade itself, the rupee had come down to Rs 77.20 per dollar against the dollar, that is, for 1 dollar, you will have to pay Rs 77.20. On Friday, it was trading near the all-time low level of 77.05 and this level of Rs 77.05 per dollar came in March. However, it is trading at a record low level from today and had come down to Rs 77.41 per dollar.

what was the reason for the fall of rupee
Behind the fall of the rupee, investors’ decision to invest money in safe global markets, fears of Russia-Ukraine war reaching Europe and rising interest rates are affecting the stock market. Its effect is also being seen on the business of Rs.

Tremendous jump in dollar index – strong fall in rupee
The dollar index is approaching its two-decade (20-year) high and has remained at an upper level for five consecutive weeks. The Federal Reserve recently increased the benchmark fund rates by 0.50 percent, due to which the global value of the dollar has jumped. At the same time, due to the current doubts in the Indian market, the sentiment of investors for the rupee has weakened and today it has come to the level of all time low.

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