Ruppe Opening: The continuous decline in the Indian rupee seems to have stopped and today the rupee has opened with strength against the dollar. Today the rupee has opened with a strength of 13 paise at 77.20 against the dollar. The rupee had closed yesterday at Rs 77.33 per dollar.

Rupee strengthened as soon as it opened
However, as soon as the rupee opened today, there was some more strength and it came down to 17.17 with the strength of 17 paise. In this way, the rupee has risen by 17 paise to 77.17 against the US dollar in the opening trade itself.

Reserve Bank expected to come forward
Currency traders believe that after the rupee goes to all-time low, the Reserve Bank of India can come forward and take steps to infuse capital in the market, so that the fall of the rupee can be stopped.

dollar exchange
On Tuesday, there was a boom in the dollar exchange and it was settled at 103.935 i.e. it has seen a jump of 0.15 percent. A member of the US Federal Reserve says that a rate hike of 0.75 per cent can be seen in the next policy meeting, due to which the dollar index rose.

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