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Vladimir Putin on America: The war between Russia and Ukraine...

Vladimir Putin on America: The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday (September 30) announced the annexation of four regions of Ukraine, Luhansk, Donsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhya. During this, Putin’s anger has erupted on America and Europe. At St. George’s Hall in the Kremlin, Putin slammed Western countries with historical facts. Putin said that Western countries looted India and now their target is Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Western countries have been chanting for centuries that they have given freedom and democracy to the rest of the world, but the reality is just the opposite.

Putin’s anger on Western countries

Vladimir Putin accused Western countries of oppressing people. The world has been thrown into the fire of violence. Genocide of tribes, Plunder of India and Africa, War against China, Opium War. Western countries massacred entire groups by making the whole country dependent on drugs. Vladimir Putin said that Western countries first looted India and wanted to enslave Russia.

America warned

On the other hand, Putin has angered the superpower America by mixing 4 regions of Ukraine with Russia. President Joe Biden arrived in the Roosevelt Room of the White House to announce relief and aid to the US battling Hurricane Hurricane, but he could not live without speaking on Putin. Biden has warned, taking Putin’s name. America along with its NATO allies is ready to defend every inch of the land of NATO countries. Putin should not be under any misunderstanding.

America also cursed Russia in the UN

America’s anger against Russia was also visible from the White House to the United Nations Security Council. In the meeting convened on the issue of peace and security in Ukraine, America lashed out at Russia. US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas said that all the sham referendums that happened in Ukraine were fixed by Moscow. Everyone knows that this referendum has been done on the basis of guns. However, Ukraine is getting the most damage in this war between Russia and Western countries.

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