Russia-Ukraine War After France, Now The Diplomats Of Italy And Spain Have Been Expelled By Russia | Russia-Ukraine War: After France, now the diplomats of Italy and Spain have been expelled by Russia, said

Russia-Ukraine War: Russia has expelled diplomats from three countries in...

Russia-Ukraine War: Russia has expelled diplomats from three countries in a single day. After the expulsion of French diplomats on Wednesday, Russia has also shown the way out to the diplomats of Italy and Spain. Russia said that it decided to expel the diplomats because these countries had also taken similar steps.

Moscow on Wednesday expelled 24 Italian and 27 Spanish diplomats in response to the expulsion of Russian diplomats over the Ukraine conflict, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry. The ministry said in a statement that 27 employees of the Spanish Embassy in Moscow and the Spanish Consulate General in St Petersburg have been declared “persona non grata”. Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told Russian news agencies that 24 Italian diplomats had also been expelled.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi called Russia’s decision to expel other European envoys, including Italians, a “hostile act” and condemned the decision. “This is clearly a hostile act, it is also a reaction to our expulsion,” he said. Mario Draghi said that diplomatic channels should remain open.

34 French diplomats expelled
Significantly, on Wednesday, Russia expelled 34 French diplomats from the country. Earlier in April, France had fired 35 Russians with diplomatic status. In April, the French Foreign Ministry declared six Russian agents as diplomats “persona non greta” after an investigation by domestic intelligence and concluded that they were acting against French national interests.

On Tuesday, two Finnish diplomats were evacuated
Earlier on Tuesday (May 17), Russia decided to expel two Finnish diplomats. The Russian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday described the expulsion of two Finnish diplomats as a reaction to the expulsion of two Russians in Finland last month.

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