Russia Ukraine War Russian Soldiers Killed Daily In Kherson People Told Story Of Bravery

Russia-Ukraine War: Russia has given up its occupation from the...

Russia-Ukraine War: Russia has given up its occupation from the city of Kherson in Ukraine. In this war that started on February 24, this was the biggest blow ever, which Putin suffered. Kherson was also included in Russia by Vladimir Putin. Despite this, the Ukrainian army regained Kherson. Now stories of Ukrainian resistance are emerging in Kherson. A Ukrainian citizen told that at least 10 Russian soldiers were being killed every night in Kherson.

According to a report published on CNN, in early March, a few days after Russia captured Moscow, two Russian soldiers descended on a street in Kherson. That night the temperature was well below zero and there was no electricity. During this, one stumbled and the other stopped on the side of the footpath to relieve himself. Suddenly a knife entered the right side of his neck.

‘There were no people and no lights on the road’

“I killed the first one quickly, and then I caught the other one and killed him on the spot,” says Ukrainian resistance fighter Archie. Archie further explained that he saw orcs in uniform and thought, “Why not?.” “There were no people and no lights on the road, so I took full advantage of the moment,” Archie said, using a derogatory term for the Russians.

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‘I felt bad at first, but they were my enemies’

Archie, 20, is a trained mixed martial arts fighter. CNN has not revealed his real name to protect his identity. Archie explained, “Adrenaline played its part. I didn’t have any fear or time to think. I felt terrible for the first few days, but then I realized they were my enemy. They wanted to take it from me.” came home.”

Bullets fired at protesters, beaten with sticks

Please tell that on March 2, Russia had captured Kherson. After this, the citizens of Kherson came to the main square for the daily protest, carrying the blue and yellow Ukrainian flag. The protesters also had to face tear gas and bullets. Some were even arrested and tortured. When peaceful protests didn’t work, the people of Kherson turned to resistance, and ordinary citizens like Archie took action on their own.

’10 Russian soldiers killed every night’

Archie says, “I was not alone in Kherson. There were a lot of clever people… At least 10 Russians were killed every night.” Archie told CNN that he had a friend with whom he used to drive around the city and look for Russian troop gatherings. “We checked their patrol routes and then gave all the information to the people on the frontline and they knew who to pass on,” he said.

‘I was beaten, given an electric shock…’

Archie was arrested by the occupation authorities on 9 May after participating in a Victory Day parade celebrating the Soviet Union’s victory in World War II. Wore a yellow and blue stripe on his T-shirt. “They beat me, electrocuted me, kicked me and beat me with sticks,” recalls Archie. “I can’t say they starved me, but they didn’t give me much to eat. “

‘I heard screaming from the basement’

Archie was lucky enough to be let go after nine days. However, according to Ukrainian military and intelligence sources, along with Archie and other resistance fighters, many others were never released. Ihor, who asked CNN not to reveal his last name for his safety, was also held at the facility. The 29-year-old said, “I was kept here for 11 days and during that time I heard screams from the basement. People were tortured, they were beaten in hands and feet with sticks, cattle rods, even Even the battery was attached and immersed in water.”

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