Russia-Ukraine War: Russia’s Major Attack On Ukraine’s Railway Station, 22 People Claimed Dead

Russia-Ukraine War: A big claim has been made by Ukraine...

Russia-Ukraine War: A big claim has been made by Ukraine regarding Russia’s attack. On the occasion of Ukraine’s Independence Day, Russia launched a rocket attack on a railway station here, claiming the death of 22 people. 50 people have also been injured in this attack. This information has been given by the President of Ukraine Zelensky himself.

A few days ago, it was claimed by US security agencies that Russia could launch a major attack on August 24, ie Ukraine Independence Day, and had prepared such preparations in Ukraine itself that if there is a major attack from Russia. If so, it should be answered.

Ukrainian news agencies said that President Zelensky informed the UN Security Council through a video about the attack. He told that this deadly attack took place in the city of Chapelne in the Dnipropetrovsk region. The population of the city is about 3,500.

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