Russia-Ukraine War Threat Of Global Recession US-China Conflict Over Taiwan

Russia-Ukraine Crisis: The war between Russia and Ukraine has been...

Russia-Ukraine Crisis: The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for 161 days. The ongoing war between Russia-Ukraine War is not only affecting these two countries, but the effect of this war is visible on the whole world. The threat of Third World War may have been averted due to the non-direct involvement of America and its allies in this war. Despite this, the devastation caused by this war was not limited to the borders of Ukraine only. The effects of the Russian attack on Ukraine are now visible all over the world.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine continues. This war has damaged the army and property of both the countries as well as the economic condition. Not only this, it has started affecting other countries of the world as well. Due to the Russia-Ukraine war, the world is facing the threat of a global recession. The economy of European countries has faltered badly. Record breaking inflation in America has made life difficult for people. The prices of petrol and diesel are increasing continuously across the world. The crisis of chips used in vehicles and electronic devices still continues.

This will have an effect on the continuation of the Russo-Ukraine war

Experts say that in the coming days, the worse effect of this war will be seen. Due to war, hunger will increase in the world and people’s jobs will be lost. This will have a direct impact on the common man who has nothing to do with the war. It is clear that a war has stopped the pace of development all over the world and the war has not ended completely.

In such a situation, if any kind of conflict starts between the two superpowers of the world, then its consequences will be disastrous. On one hand the world’s largest economy America and on the other hand China which is second in the world in terms of economy. If there is a conflict between America and China, then it will be a war between the two biggest economic powers of the world. The economy of the whole world will be destroyed in this war.

What will happen if Taiwan goes to war?

If there is an increasing conflict between China and America about Taiwan, if it is caught in a war, then it will also have a significant effect on the world economy. Because Taiwan is far ahead in the production of chips used in all electronic gadgets including mobiles. Taiwanese company TSMC is the world’s largest chipmaker.

This Taiwanese chip is considered to be its silicon shield, meaning that due to Taiwan’s dominance in the semiconductor and chip business, China has so far avoided directly attacking Taiwan.

impact of war on india

Wherever the war is, the common man bears the brunt of it. In the last 6 months, when the prices of petrol-diesel and gas to food items increased in India, then the budget of people’s houses got spoiled. This situation happened when the battle was five and a half thousand kilometers away from India. Now if China goes into a direct war with America, it will mean that this fight will be in the immediate neighborhood of India.

India and China have 3488 km long border. On many parts of which there is a dispute between India and China. In the last few years, India-China relations have been strained due to the border dispute. At the same time, America continued to support India, in such a situation, if there is a war between China and America, it will have a direct impact on India.

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