Russia Ukraine War Vladimir Putin Biggest Warrior 7 Feet Tall And 149 KG Weight Nikolai Valuev Will Enter The War Against Ukraine ANN

Russia Ukraine Crisis: Russian President Vladimir Putin has invited two-time...

Russia Ukraine Crisis: Russian President Vladimir Putin has invited two-time world heavyweight boxing champion Nikolai Valuev to fight the war against Ukraine and join the army. Nikolai has accepted this invitation of the Russian President. Nikolai, who is 7 feet tall and weighs more than 149 kg, has been a supporter of Putin since the beginning. Nikolai will now join the Russian army and enter the war against Ukraine.

Putin called so

The sports world is also not untouched by the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Since the beginning of the war between the two countries, their players have boycotted each other on all the forums. Not only this, players from many other countries have also raised their voice against this war. Meanwhile, former world heavyweight champion Nikolai Valuev has revealed that he has been called to fight in Vladimir Putin’s Russian army. He said he plans to enlist next week amid the war in Ukraine.

Will be recruited in army next week

Nikolai Valuev is a two-time WBA title holder and the tallest and heaviest world champion of all time. He is over seven feet tall and weighed more than 23 stone during his fighting days. He faced David Hay in the boxing ring in 2009, in which he had to face defeat. Which was his last fight. Two years later, he entered politics to become a Member of Parliament in Putin’s United Rashi Party. Nikolai Valuev clearly stated that he has been called to enlist in the army and that he plans to enlist next week.

Putin on Friday (September 30) announced the annexation of four regions of Ukraine and their merger with Russia. In an event held in the Kremillon, Putin signed an official document to include Ukraine’s Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia, Kherson in his Russia.

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