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Saharanpur News: This time the countrymen are going to celebrate...

Saharanpur News: This time the countrymen are going to celebrate the 75th anniversary of independence in the country with great pomp. This time the tricolor will be hoisted from house to house, but it will not be appropriate if we do not remember the people who gave us freedom on the festival. Behind this freedom, lakhs of crores of people have contributed, some directly, some indirectly, some revolutionary and some agitators, people of every village, every city of the country played their role in the independence of the country. The people of Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh have also contributed significantly in the independence of the country.

Used to be hanged publicly on Peepal tree
Despite the brutality of the British, the freedom fighters of the district gave a fierce competition to the British rule. Talking about the cruelty of the British rule, the old Kotwali of the district, which is today known as Loha Bazar, where the agitators were publicly hanged on the Peepal tree outside the Kotwali, and even after death, the mortal remains of those agitators. The body was not brought down for several days so that there was panic among the people and they would not support the agitators. Even today a memorial exists in the honor of the martyrs at the same place.

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Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh came to Saharanpur
You can guess the movement for independence in Saharanpur from the fact that whether it is Mahatma Gandhi or Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh, he continued to come to Saharanpur to increase the movement for independence. When Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh came to Saharanpur, throwing dust in the eyes of the British, there was a room in the top of a temple called Phulwari, in which Shaheed Azam Bhagat Singh used to live. This room was built in such a way that a small spire is made in front of the big spire, due to which this room was not visible from a distance. Later, many members of Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh’s family came to live in Saharanpur.

Jagdish Vats stood up after being shot
Similarly, if we talk about Lal Jagdish Vats of Khajuri Akbar village of Saharanpur, Jagdish Vats inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s Do or Die movement along with his companions, instead of the flags of the British rule on the government buildings, the flags of India’s independence. He decided to put it up and hoisted the flags of India’s independence by taking down the flags of Kotwali and Post Office in Saharanpur railway station. The current Kotwal shot Jagdish Vats, despite being shot, the brave Jagdish stood up again and while receiving a slap on the cheek of the Indian Kotwal, he said that you are a traitor and he sacrificed his life.

Passenger train robbery plan in Saharanpur
Even in the salt movement, thousands of people of Saharanpur gathered against the British rule and went to Phulwari on the banks of the river Dhoi and made salt. The monument located there is still giving testimony to this contribution. After this movement, hundreds of people were arrested by the British government. The plan to rob Saharanpur-Lucknow passenger train going from Saharanpur to Lucknow in Kakori was also made in Saharanpur itself.

Quit India movement spark in Saharanpur
In 1942, the spark of Quit India Movement also broke out in Saharanpur. Following the suggestion of Thakur Mangal Singh of Jadauda Jatt of Saharanpur, the work of movement of Saharanpur Muzaffarnagar was entrusted to Krishna Kumar Rawat. Most of the activists of Saharanpur were arrested on the night of 9 August itself. Avoid arrest The workers were assigned the task of cutting wires, uprooting railway tracks, setting the station on fire. Manani station was set on fire. The students also did not lag behind in this movement. On 13 August 1942, Shanti Swarup, a student, was taken prisoner while cutting the telephone wire, who was later released after being sentenced to eighteen whips.

Contribution of Kanhaiyalal Mishra Prabhakar
Saharanpur has contributed a lot to the freedom movement as well as journalism. No one can forget the contribution of Kanhaiyalal Mishra Prabhakar, a well-known freedom fighter and litterateur of the country. Kanhaiya Lal Mishra Prabhakar’s son Akhilesh Prabhakar told about the memories of the movement for independence that he was 19 years old at the time of independence, his father Kanhaiyalal Mishra jumped into Gandhi’s non-cooperation movement in 1921 at the age of 15. . In 1928, he devoted himself completely to the freedom movement. Kanhaiyalal Mishra was originally from Deoband.

Gandhiji said this while laughing
When Gandhiji came to Saharanpur in 1929 and from there, when he started going to Muzaffarnagar, Kanhaiyalal Prabhakarji requested Gandhi to go to Deoband but when Gandhiji’s secretary Acharya Kripalani expressed his inability, Kanhaiyalal Prabhakarji told Gandhi that his It is very necessary to go to Deoband, if he does not stop there then the people of Deoband will lie down on the streets. Gandhiji laughed and said that I do satyagraha against others and you will do satyagraha against me, satyagraha against satyagrahi.

This example shows the spirit of Kanhaiyalal
An example of what was the spirit of Kanhaiya Lal Prabhakar Mishra ji for independence is also that when Kanhaiya Lal Prabhakar ji’s father Ramadat came to know that Kanhaiyalal was going to jail in the Jail Bharo movement, he was distraught that his only child was jailed. Will go away and he said threatening that if you go to jail then I will eat poison, on this Kanhaiyalal ji replied to his father then okay I will go to jail after 15 days first you eat poison and I will do your sanskar and thirteenth. After completing the rituals, I will go to jail.

Tried to auction his press 97 times
Not only this, the press run by Kanhaiya Lal ji was in the name of Vikas and with the same name he took out a newspaper named Vikas Weekly, but the English government started smelling freedom in this newspaper and they got this newspaper closed, its Despite this, he did not give up and took out newspapers under other names, but the British government kept on shutting everyone down. His press was auctioned 97 times.

Kanhaiya Lal’s son also used to help the fighters
Not only this, Akhilesh Prabhakar, son of Kanhaiya Lal Prabhakar, also used to help freedom fighters during his studies. He still remembers going to meetings with his father. Akhilesh ji says that the pamphlets used to be printed in his press about the movements, he used to steal them in his school bags and deliver them to the agitators because the police kept a close watch on his press. Akhilesh ji says that with the independence of the country on 15th August 1947, once again his closed newspaper Vikas also became independent and was republished on the same day.

Thousands of freedom fighters died on the soil of Saharanpur
On the land of Saharanpur, where there are thousands of freedom fighters whose names are still recorded in the papers and apart from this, there are so many anonymous freedom fighters whose stories there is no one to tell today. Saharanpur was the best refuge for the agitators from outside Saharanpur. From Pakistan to Kolkata, Saharanpur was directly connected by rail and the agitators used to take shelter in the surrounding countryside here.

Revolutionaries used to come to learn the method of making bombs
Revolutionaries in Saharanpur also used to come to learn the method of making bombs. Dr Gaya Prasad, Shiv Verma and Jaidev Kapoor were all three people arrested in the bomb making factory. While Meerut’s 1857 revolution is remembered in the contribution of independence, the silk handkerchief movement, which originated from Darul Uloom of Deoband in Saharanpur, is also remembered for the independence of the country.

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