Jangalraj In UP: The Samajwadi Party has attacked the Yogi government of BJP over the incidents of murder and rape happening in Uttar Pradesh. The Samajwadi Party has said that the police in UP is raping and killing. In Yogiraj, only the protectors of the people have become eaters. The result of giving unlimited officers to the police has been that the orgy of the police in UP has wreaked havoc on the public in the entire state.

The Samajwadi Party has said while questioning that Yogi ji, you call it good governance. Sir, this is not good governance, it is jungle raj. Let us inform that the Samajwadi Party has cited two incidents in which a girl student going from Ghaziabad to Bihar was raped by a GRPF constable, while in the second incident a woman was killed by police bullets in Siddharthnagar.

Yogiraj or Tamancharaj

Earlier, Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav had questioned the Yogi government, citing the incident in Baghpat, whether it is Yogi Raj or Tamancharaj, the BJP should decide on this matter. Retweeting a tweet by Samajwadi Party, he had said that BJP leaders were defaming the SP by calling it a tamanchawadi party in the assembly elections, while all illegal work is being done in the BJP government. Is this Yogiraj or Tamancharaj, BJP should tell.

Akhilesh’s attack citing two incidents of May 14

In fact, in a village in the Binauli area of ​​Baghpat, a young man had kidnapped a girl student on the strength of a gun and then raped her by taking her to a sugarcane field. Later, the victim’s father lodged a complaint with the police. At the same time, in the second incident of the same district, a minor man shot his father. It was told that the father had refused to sell the land to the son, after which the child carried out this incident.

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