Samajwadi Party MP Shafiqur Rahman Barq Bulldozers Did Not Run On Cheat In Glory Of The Prophet | UP Politics: SP MP Dr Shafiqur Rahman Burke said

UP News: Samajwadi Party MP Dr Shafiqur Rahman Barq is...

UP News: Samajwadi Party MP Dr Shafiqur Rahman Barq is often in the discussion about his statements. Bulldozer action has been in the news a lot in the Yogi government since the past, now the SP MP in Sambhal has given a big statement. He has said that there is no mention of bullshit in the law of the country. Bulldozers are being used only to intimidate Muslims.

What did the SP MP say
The SP MP has said that big houses of Muslims were bulldozed and Muslims were targeted by bullets. Neither bulldozers nor any action was taken against those who cheated in the glory of our prophet. This shows the dual policy and dual mindset of the government.

MP Dr Burke asked whether our Chief Minister Yogi would use bulldozers on everyone. You are running the government, so why are you cheating people. He said that all human beings should be treated equally. There has been so much atrocities against Muslims that many gossips have gone to the glory of their prophet.

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Said this thing on Nupur Sharma
Dr. Shafiqur Rahman Burke said that you did not arrest him, because of which all this happened. Why wasn’t a bulldozer fired at his house? Which shook the whole world. Why was the government not ready to take any action against such a big criminal.

Let us tell you that the SP MP targeted the statement of former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma without taking names and he questioned the BJP government for not taking action against him.

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