Samastipur News: When the accused of rape was released by the police, the angry people created a ruckus, the teacher was held hostage by the villagers

Samastipur: Hundreds of villagers protested for hours on Monday demanding the...

Samastipur: Hundreds of villagers protested for hours on Monday demanding the dismissal of a teacher accused of rape in Upgraded High School Barabatta under Musrigharari police station area of ​​the district. Made a ruckus. People also kept the teacher hostage for a long time. The police reached the information and tried to convince the agitated people. Somehow the matter was pacified.

Actually, on Saturday night, the accused teacher was handed over to the police by the villagers on the charge of raping a minor. He was later caught by the police. Left the tax due to which the minor girl’s family got angry. The teenager had come to my sister’s wedding. She was left behind during the goddess worship late in the evening. Meanwhile, a young man who is a teacher by profession caught him and raped him.

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Adolescent’s aunt saw rape< /strong>

After sometime the girl’s maternal aunt passed by, then she went to the roadside to hear screaming and then saw the teacher raping the teenager. The villagers, who gathered on the woman’s shouting, caught the accused teacher and handed him over to the police. This ruckus happened only after the police released the teacher. The villagers were accusing the police of favoring them by taking money and saving the accused teacher. On Monday, hundreds of angry villagers gathered in the school premises created a lot of ruckus and took the accused teacher hostage.

The accused teacher Rajendra Kumar was talking about framing himself. He argued that when he asked the DJ to stop playing the obscene song, he was caught and charged with rape. The police, who reached the information of the uproar, also had to face the ire of the villagers. Later, when the police took the accused teacher into custody again, the commotion of the villagers stopped.

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