Sarguja More Than 100 Trees Were Cut Down For Coal Mines Despite Of Villagers Protest ANN

Sarguja News: In Surguja, hundreds of trees were cut for...

Sarguja News: In Surguja, hundreds of trees were cut for coal mines, despite the opposition of the villagers. Coal is required for power supply in Rajasthan. Coal will be supplied through coal mining by cutting the forests of Hasdeo Aranya in Udaipur region. The central and state governments have also given permission to cut the forests. But the tribal villagers do not want to allow the forest to be cut. The villagers have been opposing the opening of a mine in the area for a long time. Amidst protests, the forest staff cut down more than 150 trees in Parsa East Kete Basen coal block.

To take forward the process of starting the coal mine, the forest staff started felling of trees in the forest of Ghatbarra Pendramar village of Udaipur block from 7 am today. The villagers present in the forest started refusing the forest workers to cut the trees. But due to less number of villagers, felling of trees continued indiscriminately. At around 8 o’clock, more than 100 villagers armed with sticks and sticks reached the spot, when the forest department stopped the felling of trees. Due to the protest of the villagers, one of the tree-cutters did not work. While trying to cut the trees, all the women would stand in front of the trees and start shouting slogans against the government.

Villagers allege that before reaching the forest staff in the presence of heavy police force had cut more than 200 trees through machines. In about two minutes, big trees would have been cut down by the machine. The Forest Department had given a petrol-powered machine to the experts for cutting 10 to 12 trees.

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Police force deployed everywhere in the forest

Hundreds of policemen were stationed in the forest under the leadership of ASP Vivek Shukla, CSP Akhilesh Kaushik, Udaipur station in-charge Dhirendra Nath Dubey and various station in-charges. A rope cord was made to prevent people from entering the forest. Despite this, the villagers reached the forest to oppose the coal mine.

Administrative officers stuck since morning

Ambikapur SDM Pradeep Sahu, Udaipur SDM Aniket Sahu, Sitapur SDM, Udaipur Tehsildar Subhash Shukla, Naib Tehsildar Ravi Bhojwani along with various officers-employees of Revenue Department remained in Ghatbarra forest since morning. In view of the earlier protest of the villagers, two drone cameras were also installed for surveillance. The protesters were being monitored from the sky through drone cameras.

Chhattisgarhiya Kranti Sena Support

On receiving the information, Amit Baghel, the state president of Chhattisgarh Kranti Sena, reached the Ghatbarra forest with his friends and sat on a dharna in the forest, opposing the felling of trees. Supporting Baghel, hundreds of villagers also sat on dharna. Amit Baghel warned that before cutting the forests, the cutting of trees would be done only after cutting the neck of the President of Chhattisgarh Kranti Sena. Production ranger Raj Bahadur Rai refused to give information about the actual number of trees cut in the forest. First he talked about giving information in a while, then later switched off the mobile.

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