Sarguja Young IPS Created E-malkhana Management System Software Information About Seized Goods Will Available In One Stroke ANN

Chhattisgarh Police: In Sarguja, Chhattisgarh, young IPS (IPS) Robinson Gudiya...

Chhattisgarh Police: In Sarguja, Chhattisgarh, young IPS (IPS) Robinson Gudiya has prepared a software named E-Malkhana Management System using the studies of IIT. IPS Robinson Gudiya, posted as Lakhanpur police station in-charge, has given a unique barcode number to all the items seized in the police station. By linking the barcoding software, the place to keep all the goods is fixed and uploaded in the software.

Surguja Range IG Ajay Yadav has also praised this new experiment done by the young IPS. Let us inform that the coding of all the goods seized in the police station has been done on Excel, because other employees posted in the police station also work on Excel. Now by scanning the barcode, complete information regarding the seized goods is revealed immediately.

Studied at IIT Kanpur

Actually, young IPS Robinson Gudiya, posted as Lakhanpur police station in-charge, has studied from IIT Kanpur. With this, they have knowledge of software and technical things. Using this knowledge, he has developed the E-Malkhana Management System software. So that the seized goods in the police stations can be found immediately. He has developed Lakhanpur police station as the first e-malkhana of Chhattisgarh. Now here every item related to the criminal case can be searched in a jiffy. Not a single confiscated item can be moved from here to there. Through which hands the confiscated goods passed through the same malkhana, its investigation will also be done easily.

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Young IPS Robinson hails from Jharkhand
Young IPS Robinson Gudiya hails from Raipur, the capital of Jharkhand. He has studied from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur. After IIT, he has been selected in the Indian Police Service (IPS) after passing the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination. Presently they are in training period. Based on the experience of studying in IITs, a step has been taken in the direction of smart policing.

This is how software works

Let us tell you that, through the e-Malkhana Management System software, the seized goods can be searched by the crime number or the Malkhana number in the police station. Where is the goods from this software in the warehouse? From the date of confiscation of the confiscated goods, till which places were brought to the disposal of the case. His information also comes to the fore. This is known as chain of study. Evidence cannot be tampered with in this technique. Strong evidence can be presented in the court to prove the crime against the accused.

This is the feature of the software

Young IPS Robinson Gudiya told that there is a concept called Chain of Custody. The evidence that happens, through which hands, he went to the court and reached the court. Maintaining a list of them is called chain of custody. With the help of software, it can be maintained that through which hands the evidence has passed. Any other confiscated property, or case property, such as mobile, sim, is being kept in the safe by making it a separate safe.

Thirdly, when the order comes from the court that it has to be disposed, sometimes it happens that where did the goods go, no one has seen, what is the status as of today. Two things are important in the police station. One software has been developed, and the other which is our warehouse is being upgraded. Apart from this, a database will also be prepared for the bike, motorcycle being confiscated. Due to which a bike gets lost tomorrow. From this it will be known what the police have seized in this area. If someone is giving a missing report, then he will be able to transfer it.

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