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SBI Salary Account: The account (SBI Salary Account) in which...

SBI Salary Account: The account (SBI Salary Account) in which the salary of every working person comes is called Salary Account. This is very different from the regular savings account (SBI Regular Saving Account) and in this the bank gives many extra benefits about which very few people are aware. Today we are giving you information about the salary account of the country’s largest public sector bank i.e. State Bank of India.

State Bank gives various benefits to the employees of Corporate, Government, Hospital, Hotel etc. on their salary account. If you also want to open a salary account in State Bank, then first of all know about the special facilities available on this account-

Special facilities available in SBI salary account

  1. State Bank provides many facilities to its salary account holders.
  2. You get zero balance facility in SBI Salary Account.
  3. You will not have to pay any monthly fee on this account.
  4. In this account you get the facility of Auto Sweep.
  5. You can do transactions according to your need through ATM.
  6. You get a waiver of the fee charged on issuance of Demand Draft.
  7. Account holders get accidental insurance on this account.
  8. Interest rate discount is available on car loan, personal loan, home loan.
  9. There is a rebate in the annual fee for taking a locker in the bank.
  10. The facility of overdraft is available according to the salary coming in the account.

Documents needed to open salary account in SBI

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Passport size photo (2 photos)
  • Salary Slip
  • You can use electricity bill, water bill etc. for address proof.
  • Aadhar and PAN card of individual for joint account

What happens if you don’t get salary

Let us tell you that if there is no salary in the account for three months after opening the salary account in the State Bank, then the bank will convert the salary account into a regular savings account (SBI Savings Account). After this, all the facilities of the salary account will be withdrawn from you.

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