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School Bus Colour: You must have noticed that the name...

School Bus Colour: You must have noticed that the name of the school is written on every school bus and these buses are yellow in colour. If you look at the traffic lights, different colored lights have also been installed in it, with the help of which the traffic is controlled. Similarly, the school bus has also been given a different color and that color is Yellow.

Have you ever wondered why most school buses are yellow in colour? Let us tell you through this article today what is the reason behind this.

Why no other color?
Among the various color components of white light, red has the maximum wavelength (about 650 nm). Therefore, they are not easily scattered and are clearly visible at a distance. Red color is usually associated with caution, so it would not be a good choice to paint a school bus. Now the question arises that why are school buses painted yellow instead of red?

Why only yellow?
Actually, yellow color is such that we can easily see it even from far away, yellow color looks different in every season. We can easily see this color even in the season of rain, dew and fog. Not only this, if many colors are seen together, then yellow color first attracts our attention.

There is also a scientific reason behind painting the school bus yellow. According to scientists, the Lateral Peripheral Vision of yellow is 1.24 times greater than that of red, which means that yellow has 1.24 times more attraction than other colors and it attracts the eyes more quickly than any other color. appears. Even if you are not looking directly at it, but still the glimpse of this yellow color reaches your eyes. That’s why the school bus is painted yellow so that the chances of an accident while walking on the highway are negligible and the child can reach his home safely.

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Let us tell you, it was first confirmed in America in the year 1930 that yellow color has more attraction than other colors. Even some sign boards are painted yellow for this reason.

In 2012, the High Court had issued some guidelines for changes in schools, which are as follows:

  • The name of the school should be written on the school bus.
  • The mobile number of the principal should be mentioned on the school bus.
  • First aid facility should be available in school buses.
  • School buses should have a speed governor to determine the speed.
  • Verification of school bus driver should be done.

So now you must have come to know along with some interesting facts related to school bus that why most of the school buses are yellow in color.

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