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Madhya Pradesh Neemuch Violence: On Monday, a dispute broke out...

Madhya Pradesh Neemuch Violence: On Monday, a dispute broke out between the people of two communities in the old Kachari area of ​​Neemuch City Police Station area of ​​Madhya Pradesh. The dispute increased so much that incidents of stone pelting and arson also took place. Neemuch SP Suraj Kumar Verma and Collector Mayank Agarwal reached the spot on the information of the incident and the tense situation was handled within a few hours by deploying heavy police force in the district. However, the police also fired tear gas shells and used mild force to disperse the crowd.

such a dispute
In the city locality of Neemuch City police station area, there used to be an old court on the fort built from the time of Gwalior State and there used to be an Ayurvedic hospital, whose board is still there. The Dargah of the people of a particular community has also been built at this place, while on the other hand the statue of Hanuman ji has been established on behalf of the other community. On Monday night, there was an argument between the two communities regarding this matter and a situation of tension was created. However, this land is being told as government.

Section 144 enforced
After the developments in the night, section 144 was imposed in Neemuch City area on behalf of Neemuch ADM Neha Meena. At the same time, a prohibitory order was issued regarding religious events. On the other hand, Neemuch Police has registered 4 cases and rounded up 9 people. Police forces are deployed in different localities in Neemuch City area, while a flag march was also taken out by the police in the city. To know the whole incident, Ratlam Range DIG Sushant Saxena also reached Neemuch control room and held a meeting with the officials. At present, there is an atmosphere of peace in the Neemuch City area. There are police barricading everywhere. At the same time, the police is also keeping an eye on social media regarding the whole matter. The people of both the communities have their own statements on the whole incident.

Action will be taken against the guilty
On the matter, SP Suraj Kumar Verma says that there is an atmosphere of peace in the district, Section 144 has been imposed. The place where there has been a dispute regarding the installation of the idol, that place is government. Now after the whole incident, the police is investigating and action will be taken against whoever is guilty in the incident.

planned attack
People told that on the occasion of Buddha Purnima, Hindus were worshiping idols. The idol was installed 15 days ago. By planning, 500 people of the Muslim community came with weapons and attacked with swords. Women of Muslim community attacked houses with stones. Thus all of a sudden it happened in a planned manner. Thankfully, the police administration handled the system at the right time, otherwise the matter could have escalated. People told that, Scindia is an old fort of the state era, 2 dargahs have been built. Above is the temple of Laxminath ji where some time ago the idol of Hanuman ji was established. The worship was going on on the day of Buddha Purnima. The dargah is built on government land and the temple is also built. There is also a Home Guard office, there was no objection to it.

Resident said this thing
Zebun Nissa, a resident, told that, it has been 18 to 20 years since I came here. They do cleaning, make incense sticks and offer sheets. All the women come. People come from far and wide with children. When I came to know about the idol being placed here on Monday, I also came to see. Earlier there was no idol here. There are also home guards here, they also know that there was no idol here. Meanwhile, they were attacked from behind, they were not caught.

strict action will be taken
In the case, SP Neemuch Suraj Verma says that 4 cases have been registered, 9 people have been rounded up and people are being marked on the basis of footage. Identification will be made and strict action will be taken after arresting. A dargah is established here from the east and the idol was installed on the other side. Talks were going on between both the sides regarding this matter, during this time some people came from behind and pelted stones. This place is government, there is also a library along with Ayurvedic hospital.

Digvijay Singh raised questions
At the same time, former CM Digvijay Singh has raised questions about this incident by tweeting. He said that I will request the officials of the administration, you are associated with the Indian Constitution and law. Not associated with any person or any political party, don’t come under so much pressure. We know that Neemuch BJP MLA also lives in the locality where this incident happened. I have heard the statement of SP sahib. He has said that no complainant has complained yet. Is it not the responsibility of the police that when they themselves are on the spot, they should not register the FIR themselves?

BJP retaliated
At the same time, BJP MLA Rameshwar Sharma took a jibe at Digvijay Singh’s tweet and said that you have bought the land on which the mosque is built. Hanuman ji’s temple is being built, so what objection do you and Muslims have? The mosque caught fire. Implanted or self-imposed, it is a matter of police investigation. Why are you becoming a ‘judge’?

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