Security Lapse In PM Modi Route Balloon Flew Near PM’s Chopper SPG Askes Explanation From State Police | Black balloon passed near Modi’s helicopter, SPG asked police

Security Lapse In PM's Route: A case of major lapse...

Security Lapse In PM’s Route: A case of major lapse in the security of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is visiting Andhra Pradesh, has come to the fore. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi left for Bhimavaram from Vijayawada International Airport on Monday, black balloons were released on the way of his flight, which is seen as a big lapse in the security of the Special Protection Group. Used to be. However, the state police has denied considering it as a breach in security.

A Congress worker has been detained in this case while three other party workers have been arrested for trying to enter the airport with black balloons. Around 800 policemen were deployed at the airport for the security of the Prime Minister. The Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee on Monday appealed to organize protests over several “breaks of promises”, including granting special status to Andhra Pradesh, during the prime minister’s visit to the state.

How did PM’s security lapse?
The Prime Minister had come to Andhra Pradesh to unveil the statue of freedom fighter Alluri Sitarama Raju. Some Congress workers climbed an under-construction building in a village not far from the airport at Ganavaram and released black balloons filled with hydrogen.

Congress shared a video in which black balloons are seen flying in the air as the Mi-17S helicopter from Ganavaram passes over the village. When two helicopters were passing by, the balloons had reached very high in the sky. However, it was not clear whether they had come close to the helicopters.

SPG sought clarification?
The Prime Minister’s visit was completed without incident, after which the SPG, which is responsible for the Prime Minister’s security, heaved a sigh of relief. The SPG has taken the release of black balloons very seriously and has sought an explanation from the state government in this matter. The SPG has asked the state police what would have happened if there were drones along with balloons.

Krishna district superintendent of police P. Joshua said there was no security lapse at the airport. He said two Congress workers released balloons from an under-construction building in Surampalli village, four and a half kilometers from the airport. By the time he released the balloons, Prime Minister Modi’s helicopter had taken off from the airport.

How did the state police react?
However, the SP said that the women’s wing leader S. Three Congress workers, including Padmashree, were taken into custody as they tried to enter the airport with black balloons. The police burst the balloons. Joshua said that a case has been registered against him under various sections of the Indian Penal Code. One of the two people who released black balloons in Surampally has been taken into custody while the search for the other is on.

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