Sehore Congress Signature Campaign: In Sehore of Madhya Pradesh, a campaign was started on Saturday evening under the guidance of District Congress Committee President Balveer Tomar, signed by the residents and Congress. This campaign was done under Narmada Lao Vaada Nibhao to remind the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan about the statement given by him in Sehore Nagar that he would bring Narmada. On this occasion, a large number of Congressmen in the Mandi area of ​​the city got the residents to sign for a permanent solution to the water crisis and were also made aware of this movement. Now in the coming days a memorandum will be submitted after getting more than 50 thousand signatures of the residents.

Campaign being run on water problem

Giving information in this regard, Rajesh Bhura Yadav, District President of Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee Backward Classes Cell said that a campaign is being run in the city with the Congressmen and the residents of Narmada Lao Promise. In the past, after a one-day fast and demonstration at the Tehsil intersection of the city, a pot-busting demonstration was held at the Kotwali intersection, now a signature campaign is being run.

Congress people say that in many areas of the city, drinking water is being supplied from years old lines. Water problem is coming in every ward. The condition is that at some places water is being supplied except for two days. The water supply also lasts for a few minutes. Due to which there is no water supply. Therefore, the administration should also pay attention to these problems.

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Congressmen warned of violent agitation

The people of Congress said that if there is no permanent solution to the drinking water problem, then in the coming days there will be a fierce agitation. He also said that water is coming from the tap in all the wards of the city in three days, that too comes for a very short time and during this time the water pressure is also less due to which people are not able to store water and three The water in the houses runs out before the day and people have to buy water from tankers under compulsion, so the district administration and municipality have demanded for cleaning water except one day and increasing the time and flow of water. So that the people of the city can get relief from the water crisis in this scorching heat. Citizens suffer financial loss in buying a tanker, so that the public can get rid of it. A large number of Congress people were also involved with the residents on this occasion.

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