Shah Rukh Khan Reached At His Friend Bella Wedding And Gave Her Best Wishes, Video Viral On Social Media

Shah Rukh Khan: Superstar actor Shah Rukh Khan, who is...

Shah Rukh Khan: Superstar actor Shah Rukh Khan, who is called the King of Bollywood, is more known for his spontaneity and decency than he is known for his acting. The way Shahrukh treats his fellow actors, friends and staff with a simple nature, is really commendable. On this basis, once again Shahrukh Khan has done something, due to which he is being praised on social media.

Shahrukh stunned by attending his friend’s wedding

Actually, a video is going viral very fast on social media. In which Shahrukh Khan is increasing the beauty by reaching the wedding of one of his friend Bela. In this viral video, the friend whose wedding was attended by King Khan was also his old colleague. In the video you can see how Shahrukh Khan is wishing his friend a happy marriage. Along with this, Shahrukh is also seen saying that Bela is his old friend. She has been with me for many years. All the time Bela has taken care of me and supported me. In such a situation, I am congratulating Bela and her husband for their marriage. This video of Shahrukh Khan is being told of recent times.

Shahrukh Khan is the king of nature, not romance

Shahrukh Khan is called the king of romance in Bollywood. But in real life, Shahrukh Khan does not let anyone feel small due to his simple nature. Everyone knows how big a superstar Shahrukh Khan is in the Hindi cinema world. But even today with his friends in real life, Shahrukh Khan behaves like a common man. Which can be clearly gauged from the entry of King Khan in Bela’s wedding. For this wonderful nature of Shahrukh, fans on social media are also praising him fiercely.

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