Shaheen Bagh Demolition: There seems to be a direct fight between the Delhi government and the BJP over the removal of encroachments in the Shaheen Bagh area of ​​Delhi. Delhi BJP President Adesh Gupta has targeted the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party for the protest against the process of removal of encroachment in Shaheen Bagh. Adesh Gupta said, “Action is going on at the place, AAP and Congress are giving it a communal color. has been.

Stop seeing religion on bulldozers.”

On the other hand, BJP leader Kapil Mishra has compared Muslim-dominated areas with Pakistan regarding the Shaheen Bagh encroachment case. He tweeted on social media and said, “Be it Shaheen Bagh or Jahangir Puri or Seemapuri, these are all bases of illegal businesses, illegal constructions and illegal infiltrators. There is a ban on entry of bulldozers, police, law. These are like small mini Pakistan. Where even getting the Constitution of India implemented is becoming impossible.”

On the other hand, Aam Aadmi Party MLA Amanatullah Khan has protested this action of MCD regarding this matter. Also he had illegal encroachment in Shaheen Bagh, people have removed themselves. He said that there is no encroachment here and wherever it is, I will get it removed myself. He said that now when there is no illegal encroachment anywhere in Shaheen Bagh, then why have the people of MCD come here with bulldozers? If there is illegal encroachment anywhere in my assembly constituency, then tell me, I will remove it myself, he said.

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