Shashi Tharoor Lashed Out At Trolls Who Commented On Picture With Woman

Tharoor slams Troll: It became very difficult for a woman...

Tharoor slams Troll: It became very difficult for a woman to get her picture taken with Congress leader Shashi Tharoor. People trolled the woman on social media. People made very lewd comments on the picture of the woman. After which now the anger of the Congress leader has erupted on the trollers. Sharing the woman’s post, Tharoor has called the trollers sick-minded.

Shashi Tharoor raging on trollers

In a tweet, Tharoor wrote that trolls should keep in mind that there are people here too who do not care about abuses. He said that this woman had to bear the brunt of an innocent picture, which she had taken during a reception in the midst of 100 people. Taking out his anger on the trollers, the Congress leader said that the trolls should keep their sick mind to themselves. In this program, I must have clicked pictures with more than 50 people.

What is the whole matter?

Actually a woman had shared a picture of herself with Shashi Tharoor. Some people trolled her on this picture and made very dirty comments. Due to this the woman had to delete that picture. The woman shared her grief by writing a post. He wrote that he was invited to a literature fest on Monday. Where he clicked some pictures with Shashi Tharoor. He further wrote that there was nothing political or personal in these photographs. I have always taken inspiration from him. But due to the dirty comments of the people, I have deleted the pictures. He appealed to all the people to delete his pictures.

Tharoor is often the target of trolls

Shashi Tharoor often becomes a victim of trollers for sharing photos with women. His conversations or pictures with women are often shared by making memes. A lot of memes are also made on Tharoor’s English knowledge. Apart from this, women who share pictures with Tharoor also come under the trolls’ target.

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