Shiv Sena Attack Opposition Through Poster Amid Political Crisis In Maharashtra

Maharashtra Political Crisis: In Maharashtra, where the Uddhav government of...

Maharashtra Political Crisis: In Maharashtra, where the Uddhav government of the state has come into trouble due to the rebellious attitude of Eknath Shinde and other Shiv Sena MLAs, on the other hand, loud efforts are being made to save it. Meanwhile, the Shiv Sena has attacked the opponents through the poster. A poster was put up outside the house of Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut on Wednesday morning.

Shiv Sena’s poster war

It was written in this poster- “Your pride is 4 days old, our kingdom is a family.” This banner has been put up by Shiv Sena councilor Deepmala Badhe. A big picture of Sanjay Raut has been put in this poster and Deepmala can be seen below it.

Raut said – Eknath Shinde will return

Here, while talking to the media, Sanjay Raut said that the prestige of the party is at the top. He said that the dream of BJP will not come true. Talks are on with Eknath Shind. They are true Shiv Sainiks and will return. Raut further said that he is in touch with all the MLAs. Earlier, from Mumbai to Surat and after that the rebel MLAs have been shifted to Guwahati. Eknath Shinde has made a big claim of having 40 MLAs with him after reaching Guwahati. Along with Eknath Shinde, 33 rebel MLAs of Shivsena and 7 independents have also reached.

All of them have been lodged in Radisson Blu, Guwahati. BJP leaders Sushant Borgohain and Pallab Lochan Das had reached there to receive him. Sushant Borgohain said- “I have come here to take him (MLA from Surat to Guwahati). I have come here to pick them up because of personal relationship. I have not counted how many MLAs have come here. He hasn’t told me about his schedule. ,

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