Shivpuri 7 People Injured In Bear Attacked Who Went To Fill Cin Forest One In Critical Condition

Shivpuri Bear Attack: Attacks of wild animals on humans are...

Shivpuri Bear Attack: Attacks of wild animals on humans are increasing in Madhya Pradesh. The news of elephant, leopard and bear attacks are coming to the fore. Now in the latest case, there has been news of bear attack in Shivpuri district of MP. Giving information, an official of the Forest Department said that a bear attacked and injured seven people while taking water from a source in the tribal village of Ghazigarh on Tuesday morning.

Bear attacked people from behind
The forest department official said that around seven o’clock in the morning many people of the village were standing at a water source to take water, when a bear came there. The bear probably reached there in search of water. The bear attacked the people from behind. According to the official, seven people were injured in his attack while the condition of a 70-year-old man is critical.

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wandered in search of water
Bairad Deputy Ranger Ashok Kumar Sharma said that five of the injured have been sent to the district hospital for treatment. Ashok Sharma said, “Perhaps the bear had reached the village in search of water as it had never been seen in this area before.” He said that Bairad sub-zone is close to the Kuno National Sanctuary and it is feared that the bear may have wandered here in search of water.

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