Shivsena Raises Question On Bjp Over Bulldozer And Alleged China Activity Near Ladakh | Maharashtra: Shivsena raised questions on BJP regarding bulldozer action, said

Shivsena Raises Question On Bulldozer Action: Shiv Sena on Tuesday...

Shivsena Raises Question On Bulldozer Action: Shiv Sena on Tuesday targeted the BJP, questioning when the party would bulldozers on the structures built by China in Ladakh. An editorial in Shiv Sena mouthpiece ‘Saamana’ said that while the BJP is celebrating its recent victory for the sixth Rajya Sabha seat in Maharashtra, it seemed that when it came to Ladakh, where winning was important, He was feeling scared.

It read, “Will the enemies on the border retreat after winning more Rajya Sabha seats in Maharashtra and Haryana? They (BJP) are afraid to win where it is important but it seems that celebrating victories in Rajya Sabha and Legislative Council elections has become a national policy.”

Shivsena raised questions regarding ED and CBI

“The fear of ED and CBI has been shown to political opponents. Is China going to withdraw from the Ladakh border with that fear? If so, then it should be tried. China has infiltrated Ladakh in such a way that the Gujarat Regiment has closed its mouth forever. It is a matter of national security and self-respect. It said that after BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma insulted Prophet Mohammad, Muslims across the country took to the streets in protest and condemnation.

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BJP not bothered by China’s masterstroke: Shiv Sena

Asked Shiv Sena that “riots broke out in cities like Kanpur, Delhi and Prayagraj. Thousands of cases were registered and the houses and shops of the rioters were immediately bulldozed off. When will these bulldozers demolish illegal roads, bridges and buildings built by China in Ladakh? The party said that ‘Chanakya Mandal’, which celebrated the victory of the sixth Rajya Sabha seat by playing a masterstroke, is not bothered by China’s “masterstroke” in Ladakh.

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