Shivsena Women Workers Weep As Protest Against Rebel Leader Eknath Shinde

Shiv Sena Women Workers Protest: Shiv Sena's rebel leader Eknath...

Shiv Sena Women Workers Protest: Shiv Sena’s rebel leader Eknath Shinde is currently in a five star hotel in Guwahati, Assam. Many MLAs of many Maharashtra are also with him. He has taken this step by going against Uddhav Thackeray in Maharashtra. So at the same time Shiv Sena is protesting against him from place to place in Maharashtra. In Aurangabad, women workers of Shiv Sena also demonstrated and started crying bitterly.

These women say that Eknath Shinde has cheated Shiv Sena. These people say that Eknath Shinde has come to the government after electing him from Shiv Sena, but today he has done the work of deceiving the same people. Along with Shinde, these women workers also called the Shiv Sena MLAs traitors and demanded the harshest punishment. These women say that Shiv Sainiks were cheated, for which these people should be punished.

Eknath Shinde said it is wrong to say rebel

Eknath Shinde has said in a special conversation with ABP News that he is being called a rebel, which is wrong. He said that we are devotees of Balasaheb Thackeray and are Shiv Sainiks. Along with this, he claimed with 46 MLAs and said that more MLAs are in touch with him now. He said that Shiv Sena party is a party with Hindutva agenda and work is being done to take that ideology forward.

Shiv Sena seems to be dividing into two factions

On one hand, where Eknath Shinde is being opposed, on the other hand, Eknath Shinde is still calling himself a Shiv Sainik. If he is a soldier of Shiv Sena then why is there a protest against him. Actually, Shiv Sena has 55 MLAs in Maharashtra and it is being said that 35 to 40 MLAs are standing with Eknath Shinde, so Uddhav Thackeray has the support of only 15 to 20 MLAs. Seeing this, it seems that Shiv Sena seems to be torn apart.

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