Shraddha Murder Case 24-hour Camera Surveillance On Aftab In Lockup 2-3 Policemen Keep An Eye Outside The Cell

Sharaddha Murder Case Update: On Tuesday (November 15), the Delhi...

Sharaddha Murder Case Update: On Tuesday (November 15), the Delhi Police reached Mehrauli forest with Aftab Amin Poonawala, accused in the Shraddha murder case. Her live-in partner Aftab is accused of murdering 26-year-old Shraddha. According to the police, Aftab has confessed that after killing Shraddha, he cut the body into 35 pieces and threw them in the forest.

In the Shraddha murder case, the Saket court had sent the accused Aftab to police custody for five days. Delhi Police is currently investigating this matter.

Aftab under surveillance of CCTV camera

The police is keeping a close watch on Aftab during his custody. The police is keeping a special eye on Aftab in the lockup. His every move is being monitored in the lockup. During this, Aftab has been kept in the lockup under the surveillance of CCTV cameras for 24 hours.

News Reels

Pictures of Shraddha murder case accused Aftab sleeping in the police lockup covered with a blanket have also come to the fore. In the pictures, Aftab is lying in the cell of the police station. At present, Aftab is locked in Mehrauli Police Station in South Delhi along with another prisoner. There, two-three policemen are sitting just outside the lockup keeping an eye on him. Apart from this, police officers also keep patrolling outside Aftab’s cell from time to time.

35 pieces of body

Aftab Poonawalla allegedly strangulated his live-in-partner Shraddha Walker to death on May 18 after a quarrel. After searching on Google, accused Aftab cut Shraddha’s body into 35 pieces and stored them in a 300-liter fridge to erase the evidence of the murder. After this Aftab started throwing body pieces in different forests of Delhi at 2 am for 18 days.

Reason for the murder?

The police had arrested the accused Aftab on Saturday (November 13). In the interrogation of the police, he told that there used to be frequent quarrels between Shraddha and him. Shraddha was pressurizing him for marriage. On the other hand, Aftab had relationships with many other girls as well and Shraddha was getting suspicious about him. There was often a dispute between the two regarding this matter as well. Fed up with this, Aftab finally killed Shraddha.

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