Shraddha Murder Case Police Says Shraddha Walkar Murder Accused Had No Remorse On His Face

Shraddha Murder Case: When Aftab Poonawalla, accused of murdering his...

Shraddha Murder Case: When Aftab Poonawalla, accused of murdering his ‘live-in partner’ Shraddha Walkar, was called for questioning by Maharashtra’s Manikpur police earlier this month, he was unrepentant and beaming with confidence. Had been. An officer gave this information.

Assistant police inspector Sampatrao Patil said that Manikpur police in Palghar’s Vasai town called Poonawalla for questioning last month and again on November 3 after the call center worker Walkar went missing after his family lodged a complaint in this regard was. He told that on both the occasions the accused had told the police that Walkar did not live with him and that she had left him.

It is noteworthy that about six months ago, Poonawala had allegedly killed Walkar in Delhi’s Mehrauli area. He cut Walkar’s body into about 35 pieces, kept them in a 300-litre capacity fridge for about three weeks, and then gradually dumped them in different parts of Delhi over several days.

‘No sense of remorse on the face’…
Patil said, “Poonawalla was first called for questioning in October, but he was later let go. After this, he was called again on November 3 and his statement of two pages was recorded. Both the times he looked confident and there was no sign of remorse on his face.

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The officer said that he had gone to Delhi’s Mehrauli police station last year and questioned Poonawala, but even then he kept repeating that he and Walkar no longer live together.

‘We never suspected that…’
“We interrogated Poonawala for hours at the police station in Delhi, but we never suspected him,” he said. Walkar’s close friend Rajat Shukla suspected that Poonawala might have been pressurizing Shraddha to convert.

Shukla said, “He (Poonawalla) is not a common man. … There could be ‘love jihad’, terrorism or some other mission behind the whole matter… There should be an investigation in this matter and the truth should come in front of everyone. He was misleading the people, but now the truth has to be brought out.

Poonawalla’s live-in relationship with Walker came to light in 2019
He said, “Poonawala doesn’t seem like a lover, because one can’t cut the body of a person whom one loves into pieces, keep them in a refrigerator and throw them in the forest.”

Shukla said that he came to know about Poonawala’s live-in relationship with Walkar in 2019. He said, “But it seems that the two had a relationship since 2018 and they kept it hidden.” Some of our friends also met Poonawala.

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