Shraddha Murder Case: ‘The hand was cut with a knife, Aftab went to the hospital for treatment in May’, revealed the doctor

Shraddha Murder Case: Dr. Anil Kumar, who treated Aftab, the...

Shraddha Murder Case: Dr. Anil Kumar, who treated Aftab, the person who carried out the heart-wrenching incident in Delhi, has made a new disclosure while talking to ABP News. He told that in the month of May, Aftab had come to his clinic to get a wound fixed. Dr. Kumar said that Aftab was very angry. He also gave wrong information about himself. He said that when I asked how this injury happened, he replied that it happened while cutting the fruit.

Aftab is accused of killing his girlfriend. He himself has accepted this fact in front of the police that he brutally killed his girlfriend. After killing, he cut Shraddha Walker’s body into 35 pieces and threw it in the forests of Mehrauli.

Told a lie to the doctor

Dr. Kumar said that he had come in the morning in the month of May. My assistant told me that one person was hurt. When I saw him, I found that it was not a deep cut, but a slight cut. He said that there was no injury in the internal part of his body. When I asked him how he got this injury, he replied that it happened while he was cutting the fruit. I had no doubt because it was a small knife that hurt him."

Aftab seemed fearless 

He said that when 28-year-old Aftab met him for the first time during treatment, he seemed very fearless and full of confidence. Two days ago the police brought him to my hospital and asked if I had treated this man. I recognized him. Talking to ABP News, Dr. Kumar said that when he came for treatment, he was very aggressive and restless. He always talked with eye contact. Aftab was speaking in English and told me that he is from Mumbai and came to Delhi because of good opportunities in IT sector in this city.

Delhi Police spent 3 hours in the jungles

Delhi Police on Tuesday took Poonawalla to Chhatarpur forests in south Delhi to trace the places where he allegedly dumped the body parts of live-in partner Shraddha Walker. The police spent about three hours in the jungles for this. Aftab first strangled Shraddha to death. Then his body was cut into 35 pieces and thrown in the jungles. He first kept them in a 300-litre fridge at his residence in Mehrauli for three weeks before disposing of the body pieces. 

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