Sitting Job: Sitting For Over 8 Hours Increases Risk Of Heart Disease, Exercise And Yoga Is Very Important

Heart Disease Causes: A study has revealed that your sitting...

Heart Disease Causes: A study has revealed that your sitting habit can invite heart disease. Yes, if you also work on the pretext of sitting in office or home or sitting for eight hours, then you too can be at risk. Often sitting becomes our compulsion or we are always looking for excuses to sit but this method is harming your health somewhere, let’s know how.

According to an international research, sitting for a long time can be a big threat to our life. In fact, according to this research, such people who spend most of their time sitting throughout the day, their death rate and heart diseases are higher than normal people in the world. On the other hand, people who sit for more than 8 hours are at a higher risk of other diseases of the heart such as Cardio Vascular Disease.

doctors believe
On the other hand, doctors believe that our body is not made to sit naturally. In such a situation, if you do this then it has a bad effect on the body. As the age increases, the bad effects of sitting also increase. On the other hand, men suffer more than women. The doctor says that in the office, try to hold a meeting standing, walk while talking on the phone, due to which your blood circulation will be correct and both heart and mind will be healthy.

yoga is better
Everyone believes that yoga is the cure for all kinds of diseases. There are many such yogas that you can do while sitting on an office chair. Which can relieve us from the effects on the body. These asanas are Gaumukh Asana, Manduka Asana, Pawanmukta Asana and Anulom Vilom.

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