SIXTY Ball League West Indies Launch A New 60 Ball Cricket Tournament The 6ixty

The 6ixty: Cricket West Indies (CWI) has recently announced a...

The 6ixty: Cricket West Indies (CWI) has recently announced a new domestic competition of 60 balls. Six men’s teams and three women’s teams will participate in a new T10 tournament at 6ixty to be held in August. About this league, the organizers say that it will include many of the best cricketers from around the world. This is not the first T10 league. Earlier in 2017, the 10-over league has been recognized in the United Arab Emirates.

League rules will be quite different
The West Indies Cricket Board is preparing to bring a 10-over match under the Caribbean Premier League, whose rules will be quite different. The name of this league has been named The Sixty. This league can take the thrill of cricket to a new level. The title sponsor of the first season of this league will be Sky X. This league will start from 24th August and will run till 28th August. Know what are the rules of The Sixty League.

  • League rules would allow each batting team to take only six wickets instead of the traditional 10. The innings will end as soon as the sixth wicket falls or 10 overs are over.
  • Each batting team will have two powerplay overs, but they can also take a third powerplay by hitting two sixes in the first 12 balls.
  • The first 30 balls of an innings will be bowled as five separate overs from one end, after which the last 30 balls will be bowled by changing ends. No bowler will be able to bowl more than two overs.
  • If the bowling team is unable to bowl all 10 overs within 45 minutes, one fielder will be reduced in the last over and the fielding team will be on the field with only 10 players.
  • Fans will also have the right to vote for mystery free hits through the app or website. Mystery free hit will be the time in which the batsman is not out.

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