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Smoking Kills Bank Balance: By not blowing a cigarette in...

Smoking Kills Bank Balance: By not blowing a cigarette in smoke, if an equal amount is invested, then this money can make you a millionaire or even a millionaire. Instead of blowing money in cigarette smoke, it would be wise to invest in the right one. In a research report on World Tobacco Day, it has been found that the number of young smokers in the country has increased very rapidly in the last 30 years. The number of young smokers in the age group of 15 to 24 years is more than 20 million in India. Is more. According to the data, the report of the survey conducted in 204 countries says that worldwide smokers have increased to 110 million.

This information has been recently reported in the report ‘Global Burden of Disease’ published in The Lancet Journal. China and India are at the forefront of these. But, have you all thought that if you had invested as much money as you are spending on cigarettes, then how much would that amount become today?

Cigarette addiction also reduces bank balance

Smoking is such an addiction, on which youth spend the most. It is not only harming your health but also your financial health. Family, friends-relatives, doctors or even partners would always advise that you leave it immediately, but then only health comes, not money. However, if one listens to the words of the financial planner, then one can get an idea of ​​how harmful a cigarette is to the health of your bank balance.

In this news, if a person smokes a cigarette worth Rs 200 every day, then the assessment is being done accordingly. Now a pack of 10 cigarettes of any standard brand costs around Rs 200. Financial planners say that in a month that person spent only 6000 rupees in smoke. If you look at the same figure for one year, it works out to Rs 72,000. Now if this same Rs 72000 is invested somewhere, then it becomes a big corpus.

PPF investment for 15 years in

Take the example of a conservative investor who invests his money in a government-guaranteed scheme like Public Provident Fund (PPF). Its specialty is that the interest earned on the money invested and the entire amount received on maturity remains tax free. If you invest Rs 6000 every month in PPF, then your investment will be Rs 72,000 in a year. By investing regularly, this amount will be Rs 19 lakh 52 thousand 740 over a period of 15 years. 15 years is the minimum maturity limit of PPF.

If you had invested for 20 years

If someone keeps depositing this amount in PPF for 20 years, then this amount will be 31 lakh 95 thousand 978 lakh rupees. Now if we extend it for 5 more years, then it will get 49 lakh 47 thousand 847 rupees. The point to note here is that PPF is a safe investment. But, its interest rate is fixed every three months. Here we have calculated according to the current interest rate of 7.1 percent.

Now if you had invested Rs 6000 a month in mutual funds

If the money spent on smoking is deposited in mutual funds SIP every month for 25 years, then the value of your investment becomes 80 lakh 27 thousand 342 rupees. Here it is calculated on the basis of 10% annual return. Now if you extend it for 30 years, then the return you will get will be Rs 1 crore 36 lakh 75 thousand 952.

Experts consider 10 per cent returns to be very normal and conservative. It is normal for diversified funds to get 12 per cent returns. According to this rate, in 25 years this amount will be Rs 1 crore 13 lakh 85 thousand 811 and in 30 years this money will increase to Rs 2 crore 11 lakh 79 thousand 483.

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