Sonali Phogat Brother Rinku Dhaka Made A Big Disclosure In Her Death Case

Sonali Phogat Death Mystery: Sonali Phogat, who made headlines from...

Sonali Phogat Death Mystery: Sonali Phogat, who made headlines from the famous TV show Bigg Boss 14, died of a sudden heart attack on Tuesday, 23 August. At present, the suspense is increasing over the sudden death of Sonali Phogat.

Sonali Phogat’s family is claiming that there is some conspiracy in her death. At the same time, Sonali Phogat’s brother has made a big disclosure. Sonali Phogat’s brother Rinku Dhaka has filed a formal complaint with the Goa Police regarding the claim that her sister was murdered by two of her own associates.

Sonali had complained to colleagues

Rinku Dhaka says that shortly before her death, Sonali Phogat spoke to her mother, sister and another relative through phone, during which she seemed very upset. Rinku claims that during this time Sonali had also complained against two of her associates.

items missing from farmhouse

Rinku claims that CCTV cameras, laptops and many important things have gone missing from Sonali Phogat’s farmhouse in Haryana after her death. At present, Rinku has tried to complain about this to Anjuna Police in Goa, but she says that the police has refused to register an FIR against two persons.

Family wanting to do postmortem in AIIMS

While showing their anger over this, Sonali Phogat’s family says that they will not allow Sonali’s postmortem until the police register their complaint. At the same time, the relatives say that they want to get his postmortem done in AIIMS in Delhi or Jaipur.

The dead body is kept in Goa Medical College

At present, the body of Sonali Phogat is kept in the Mauchuri of Goa Medical College. At the same time, Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant says that he is taking this matter seriously. Which is being investigated under the supervision of the DGP. At the same time, doctors say that it is a case of heart attack, which will be confirmed only after the postmortem report comes.

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