Sonpur Mela Horse Bahubali Of Siwan And Sajni Of Sonpur Demands Know Price Ann

Hajipur, head! He is the Bahubali of Siwan... She is...

Hajipur, head! He is the Bahubali of Siwan… She is the wife of Sonpur. These days horse owners are giving information to some such customers in Sonpur fair. The world famous Sonpur Mela is buzzing these days. Different markets are decorated for different things, but if the animal owners go to the market, the color of Sonpur Mela Theater will also fade with the sound of anklets and tops tied to the horse’s feet.

Siwan’s Bahubali has come to Sonpur fair and Sonpur’s wife has also reached. As soon as he ties anklets on Bahubali’s feet, he starts dancing. People crowd to watch. The people who had come to buy a horse at Sonpur fair were also seen understanding about its price and specialty. Many more horses have also reached with them. Every horse has some or the other specialty.

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