India On Sri Lanka Crisis: A statement was issued by the Ministry of External Affairs regarding the economic and political turmoil in the neighboring country of Sri Lanka. An official spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs said that as a close neighbor of Sri Lanka, India fully supports democracy, stability and economic recovery there. Keeping in mind the policy of ‘neighbourhood first’, India this year provided more than $ 3.5 billion in aid to the people of Sri Lanka to get out of this bad phase of trouble. Apart from this, the people of India have extended a helping hand to overcome the shortage of essential commodities like food, medicine in Sri Lanka.

Significantly, due to political and economic instability in Sri Lanka, the prices of essential commodities have reached the sky. People have shortage of food items. Along with this, many areas of Sri Lanka are facing severe power cuts. Due to which the people there are protesting against the government by coming out on the streets.

Let us tell you that since getting independence from the British rule in 1948, Sri Lanka is currently going through its biggest economic crisis. According to experts, the lack of foreign exchange is the main reason behind this devastation in Sri Lanka. Due to which Sri Lanka has been unable to pay for imports of food items to fuel.

On Monday, clashes between government supporters and opponents in Sri Lanka led to violent clashes. A furious mob torched the homes of several leaders, including the ancestral residence of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, during the violence. So far 8 people have been reported dead, while more than 200 people have been injured in the violent clash between opponents and supporters of the government. The army has been launched to control the situation in the capital Colombo. Prime Minister Rajapaksa on Monday resigned from the post of Prime Minister amid severe economic and political crisis in Sri Lanka.

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