Sri Lanka Economic Crisis PM To Sell Airline Print Money To Pay Wages Of Govt Employees To Stabilize The Nation’s Finances | Sri Lanka Crisis: No money till salary of employees in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Economic Crisis: After the violent protests in Sri...

Sri Lanka Economic Crisis: After the violent protests in Sri Lanka, now a new government has been formed. But the economic situation is still not good. The government’s effort is somehow to bring the economy back on track. For this, the government has also started working on some schemes. For this a new currency will be printed and it has been decided to sell it to the airlines as well.

Employees do not have money even for salary
In Sri Lanka, the government does not have enough money left to pay salaries to its government employees. That is why it has been decided to print new notes. It has also been told that the government has made up its mind to sell the national airline as well, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, while addressing the country earlier, said that the new government plans to privatize Sri Lankan Airlines.

Big loss to airlines
Sri Lanka’s PM Wickremesinghe, who is facing economic and political crisis, said in his address that, according to the report of ‘Economy Next’ website, Sri Lankan Airlines will get bigger after the removal of former Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa as a managing shareholder of the airline. Damage has been done. Announcing some measures to deal with the challenges facing Sri Lanka’s economy, Wickremesinghe said, “Its deficit was Rs 45 billion in the year 2020-21 alone. By March 2021, its total loss was Rs 372 billion.

PM had given information about raising funds
In his address to the nation, Wickremesinghe said that US dollars will be raised from the open market to pay for the consignments of petrol, crude oil, furnace oil present in Sri Lanka’s maritime border. He said, “I am taking on a dangerous challenge, I am wearing sharp-keeled shoes, which cannot be removed. I am accepting this challenge for the sake of my country.” My aim and dedication is not to save any person, family or party. My aim is to save the future of all the people of this country and my future generations.

He warned that the next two months will be the most difficult in this current economic crisis. In his address to the nation, he said, “The next one or two months will be the most difficult in our lives. We should make some sacrifices and prepare ourselves to face the challenges of this era. For this, $ 75 million will have to be achieved in the next two-four days.

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