Sri Lanka Food Crisis: Sri Lanka is facing the worst economic crisis ever. Food items have become so expensive that people have been forced to go hungry. From vegetables to fruits, the prices of fruits are constantly touching the sky. Vegetable vendors say that the prices of vegetables which used to be earlier have not doubled but have become three times. The team of ABP News talked to the vegetable vendors to know what is the real situation. During this, many vegetable, fruit and fruit vendors told that the situation is getting worse day by day. People are fighting, struggling with hunger. Mothers do not even have milk at home to feed their children. He told that, people do not have food to eat at home, after which they go to the protest site and fill their stomach with the food found there.

In a conversation with Chandana, who runs a fruit shop, he has told that due to the economic crisis, at present the price of fruits has increased three times.

Apple- Earlier 350- Now 1200
Mango- Earlier 350- Now 700
Orange- Earlier 400- Now 800
Pineapple- Earlier 200- Now 400
Grape- Earlier 1200 – now 1800

Vegetable prices…

potato- now 340- 250 before
tomato- now 850- 280 ago
Carrot- now 440 – 220 ago
Capsicum – now 850- 650 ago
Cauliflower- 850 now – 650 ago
brinjal- now 480- 180 ago

A vegetable vendor while talking to the team told that, earlier if a person used to take 1 kg of goods, then now he is taking half a kg. Not only this, we are also getting less goods because the price of diesel has increased. The condition is that I do not even have money to pay my employees. Earlier, they used to do home delivery of vegetables too, but since the price of diesel has increased, they are not doing home delivery either. If the situation remains the same, then what will happen next month, we cannot even say anything.

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