Startups Can Create 100 Million Jobs In India Says Rajan Anandan Of Sequoia Capital

Startups To Create 100 Million Jobs: Startups in the country...

Startups To Create 100 Million Jobs: Startups in the country (Startups) Has the potential to create 10 crore jobs. Rajan Anandan, MD of the legendary venture capital firm Sequoia Capital has said this. Let us tell you that Sequoia Capital has launched many big startups of the country (Startups) Has invested in which includes BharatPe, Zilingo and Mamaearth.

$40 billion investment in Indian startups in 2021
Rajan Anandan said that startups can create 100 million i.e. 100 million jobs by taking advantage of the country’s digital ecosystem. He said that India’s startups have seen a tremendous jump in funding. In 2020, where there was an investment of $ 10 billion in domestic startups, which has increased to the level of $ 40 billion in 2021. However, he said that despite all the challenges, China’s startup ecosystem has seen funding of $ 130 billion in the last year 2021.

The situation became difficult due to the increase in interest rates
According to the MD of Sequoia Capital, after the US Federal Reserve reduced interest rates to zero, the US government invested about $ 7 trillion in the US and other global markets. But inflation is at its high levels, so now the situation seems to have changed. There is an increase in interest rates. In such a situation, the Pedal Reserve, the US government had put 7 trillion dollars in the markets around the world, can pull it back. In such circumstances, it is becoming difficult for startups to raise capital.

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