Summer Fruit List Add These Vitamin C Rich Fruits In Your Diet Mango Orange Lemon Kiwi And Papaya

Healthy Fruits Diet: To keep yourself healthy in summer, you...

Healthy Fruits Diet: To keep yourself healthy in summer, you should consume more and more fruits. By eating fruits, the lack of water in the body is fulfilled. The body gets plenty of vitamins and minerals from fruits. By eating fruits, the body gets fiber and rich antioxidants, due to which immunity becomes strong. You should eat such fruits in summer which are rich in Vitamin C. From mangoes to litchis and strawberries in summer, there are many fruits that give you plenty of vitamin C. These fruits are very cheap and seasonal. Know which fruits you should eat to meet the deficiency of vitamin C.

1- Mango- Mango is not only called the king of fruits. Flavorful mango also works to increase your immunity. You get about 122 mg of vitamin C from one medium mango. Apart from this, vitamin A is also found in mango. Which is good for eyesight. There is a belief among people that eating mango leads to weight gain, but the truth is that mango also reduces your weight.

2- Strawberry- Strawberries are also a good source of vitamin C. A lot of antioxidants are found in strawberries, apart from this, strawberries are a fruit rich in vitamin C and many other nutrients. Although it is less available due to being a seasonal fruit, but if you eat a cup of strawberries, it works to give you 100 mg of vitamin C.

3- Kiwi- Another fruit rich in Vitamin C is Kiwi. Although kiwi is a very expensive fruit, but one kiwi gives you about 85 mg of vitamin C. Apart from this, Vitamin K and E are also found in plenty in Kiwi. A kiwi is also rich in many other nutrients which are very beneficial for your health.

4- Papaya- Papaya is a fruit available in all seasons. Papaya is considered best for digestion. Papaya keeps our stomach fit and also reduces weight. Vitamin C is also found in plenty in papaya, due to which our immunity also increases. By eating about one cup of papaya, you get 88 mg of nutrients.

5- Orange and lemon- In summer you must eat orange and lemon. These come in citrus fruits and have the most vitamin C, fiber. In summer, you should drink plenty of lemonade and orange juice. This makes immunity strong.

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