Summer Fruit Salad Recipe Which Fruits Are Good For Fruit Salad

Frsuit Salad Benefits: Summer is at its peak. The temperature...

Frsuit Salad Benefits: Summer is at its peak. The temperature is increasing everyday. In such a situation it is most important to keep yourself healthy. The sun starts blazing from the morning itself. In such a situation it is difficult to get out of the house. In this season, the lack of water in the body is maximum. You should change your diet according to the summer season. Include more and more fruits and vegetables in the diet, so that the body can stay hydrated. You can include salad made from fruits in the diet. This will help keep you healthy. You can make Tasty Fruit Salad with these 5 fruits. Let’s know the recipe.

Eat fruit salad alternately in summer

1- Watermelon Salad- In summer, you must include watermelon in the diet. Watermelon is a fruit that contains more than 90 percent water. This keeps the body hydrated. Eating watermelon helps in weight loss. You can also make fruit salad from watermelon. For this, cut the watermelon and use chilgoza, mint, lemon with it. This salad is very tasty and healthy to eat.

2-Mix Fruit Salad- You can make a mixed fruit salad by mixing all the fruits in summer. This salad is easy to make and is very beneficial. You can also eat it as a snack in the evening. For this you will definitely need watermelon-melon, kiwi and pineapple. You cut them and then garnish with mint, sesame and nuts.

3- Kiwi-Pomegranate Salad- You must include kiwi in your diet in summer. Add pomegranate to make salad from kiwi. Both these fruits are very beneficial. Kiwi and pomegranate will be needed to make salad from kiwi. You cut them and use cheese, mint leaves, orange slices and lemon juice together. You can also add virgin olive oil to it.

4- Mango Salad- Mango is used in most things in summer. The more delicious it is in eating mangoes, the more beneficial it is. You can also use mango as a salad. Use mango and mozzarilla for this. You can also add red chili, lemon juice and salt to it.

5- Blackberry Salad- You can also use a salad made from blackberries to eat. Jamun can also be taken for this. Jamun is very beneficial for health. You can make a salad by adding virgin olive oil, lemon, chili and salt to the jamun.

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