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Chhattisgarh News: The story of the loyalty of a chicken...

Chhattisgarh News: The story of the loyalty of a chicken in Sudama Nagar village of Surajpur district of Chhattisgarh is astonishing. When it comes to the relationship between animals and humans, dogs first come to mind in the name of loyalty, but in Sudama Nagar village of Surajpur, this identity of dog loyalty has been made by a chicken.

The story of this desi chicken is such that this chicken was brought to his house by Mahesh of Sudama Nagar as a chicken and wanted to earn money by selling it by raising the chicken, but with the changing times, the chicken himself took away from Mahesh and his family. Connected. As soon as this native rooster grew up, he started guarding the house.

Dogs run away because of fear of chicken

The interesting thing is that because of the fear of the dog, the human runs away. At the same time, even the dogs cannot stand even for a minute in front of this chicken. Not only this, seeing unknown people, this rooster starts banging and starts alerting the people of the house. The owner of the chicken told that he had brought this chicken with the understanding that when he grows up, he will sell it and get some money. Now such a situation has arisen that the rooster has become like a member of the family. He told the specialty of this chicken that if a dog comes close to the house and it is seen by it, then it comes after running the dog away at least 100 meters away from the house.

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popularly known as Jang Bahadur

Not only Mahesh’s family, other people also call this chicken by the name of Jang Bahadur. Seeing the merits of this chicken, they are also being forced to press their fingers under their teeth. However, everyone is surprised to see this unique relationship between humans and animals. Even so, why not, seeing the rooster, people think of eating only and only, that rooster is living his life fearlessly among humans.

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