Surat Swine Flu First Death Of This Year 49 Year Old Woman Died During Treatment

Surat Swine Flu Update: Surat reported its first death due...

Surat Swine Flu Update: Surat reported its first death due to swine flu this year on Wednesday. When five new patients were admitted to different hospitals. Swine flu has been confirmed in 32 people in Surat this year. Surat did not report a single case of swine flu in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Surat Municipal Corporation Health Department, a 49-year-old woman admitted to a private hospital died during treatment on Wednesday.

Deputy Health Commissioner of SMC gave information
SMC Deputy Health Commissioner Dr. Ashish Naik said, “We have set up separate wards for swine flu patients at SMIMER and New Civil Hospital. As of today, there are eight active swine patients admitted in private and government hospitals in Surat, out of which one patient is kept on high oxygen support system and the other is on ventilator support.”

“We have also asked the doctors of private hospitals and clinics to contact us in case of suspected and confirmed cases of swine flu,” Naik said. The first case of swine flu in Surat this year was detected on July 15 in a patient who showed symptoms including breathlessness, high fever and cough and was admitted to a private hospital. After testing positive for swine flu, the patient was given Tamiflu and later discharged from the hospital.

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swine flu statistics
In 2017, Surat reported a total of 392 cases of swine flu and 23 deaths, followed by 161 patients and nine deaths in 2018, while in 2019, 512 persons tested positive for swine flu and 11 died.

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