Surguja News: The danger of snakebite increases during the rainy season in Surguja division, 7 people have died in 2022

Ambikapur News: With the onset of rain, the danger of...

Ambikapur News: With the onset of rain, the danger of life from poisonous snakes increases in most of the districts of Surguja division. Many cases of snakebite start reaching the hospital from rural areas. Some of these die because people first treat the injured from snakebite with broomsticks and when the venom spreads throughout the body, they reach the hospital. ABP News has investigated the four districts of Surguja division, which have the highest number of snakebite cases. These include Jashpur district called Naglok. 

129 cases of snakebite have been reported in 2022

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 Abp News’ investigation found this information

Holi Cases of snake bites were reported in 28 in Cross Hospital Kunkuri. In one year, 7 people had died in 332 cases of the district. 

Know the availability of anti snake injections

Anti snake venom is that injection. If the snake bite patients are taken in time, then the chances of survival of the person become high. Therefore, how much availability is there in the hospitals of the division. We have spoken to the Chief Medical and Health Officer of four districts to investigate this. First of all, if we talk about Jashpur district, then the situation of availability of Venom was not seen right here. In fact, 380 doses of Snake Venom are available in 9 government health centers of this district, whereas in 2021, 332 people succumbed to snake bites and reached the health centers. are.

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