Swine Flu, Dengue And Malaria Increasing In Mumbai 6 Deaths ANN

Swine flu in Mumbai: Apart from corona virus infection in...

Swine flu in Mumbai: Apart from corona virus infection in Mumbai, now the risk of swine flu, dengue and malaria is increasing. After the rains in Mumbai, now the cases of dengue and malaria are increasing, meanwhile the havoc of swine flu is also increasing in Mumbai. So far 6 people have lost their lives in Mumbai due to diseases like swine flu, dengue, malaria and lepto.

Presently, in view of the increasing cases of dengue, malaria and swine flu in Mumbai, fever OPD has been set up at Cooper Hospital. Where there is facility to admit a patient suffering from fever. So far this year, 163 cases of swine flu have been registered, while 105 cases of dengue, 509 cases of malaria and 46 cases of lepto have been registered.

Two die of swine flu

It is being told that out of the 6 patients who died due to the disease, 2 patients were suffering from swine flu, 2 from dengue, one from malaria and one from lepto. The death of patients from swine flu has been recorded for the first time in three years. Giving more details about the increasing cases, Dr. Neelam Redkar, Chairperson, Department of Medicine, Cooper Hospital, told ABP News that doctors are being trained, posters are being put up to alert the BMC people. At the same time, 15 to 20 people are admitted to the hospital every day due to dengue malaria.

people suffering from cold fever

Dr Shailesh Mohite, Dean of Cooper Hospital told ABP News that every day many patients are admitted after suffering from cold fever but full service has been kept for the people in the hospital. Till now 10 people have died in our hospital, 5 of them were very critical. People are requested not to ignore the ill health.

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