Taj Mahal Controversy: Granddaughter of the last Maharaja Mansingh II of Jaipur royal family and Bharatiya Janata Party MP from Rajsamand in Rajasthan, Diya Kumari on Wednesday claimed that the land on which the Taj Mahal is built in Agra. On that land was the palace of the then Jaipur royal family. Which was captured by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and built the Taj Mahal. A new debate has erupted in the country on this claim of Diya. Historians are telling the claim that the land for the Taj Mahal was bought on the basis of the document as half truth.

What historians say
Historian Rana Safavi shared the copies of the Farman (royal order) from Shah Jahan to Raja Jai ​​Singh on Twitter, writing that Jai in return for land for the Taj Mahal Singh was given four havelis. they wrote, "Where Raja Jai ​​Singh was ready to donate land for free. At the same time, Shah Jahan gave four havelis in exchange for the mansion of Raja Man Singh. This decree is closed in the City Palace Museum."

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Edited by WE Begley and ZA Desai by Safavi "Taj Mahal – The Illuminated Tomb" Copies of the decree from the book shared. "Akbar: The Great Mughal" Ira, the author and historian of the book, was disappointed to hear these claims of ‘BJP MP Diya Kumari. They believe that the question of Shah Jahan snatching the land in this vicious way does not arise.

Diya Kumari’s claim on the Taj Mahal
Dia told the media in Jaipur on Wednesday that the plot on which the Taj Mahal was built historically was. He belonged to the Jaipur royal family and the family has its documents. It was occupied by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, because he (Mughal) government was at that time. If any government takes land from you, it gives you compensation but I have heard that in this case no compensation was given by the Mughals. At that time there was no law where one could appeal.

Controversy over the Taj Mahal was also raised in 2017
The current controversy is not new. Earlier in the year 2017 also there was a demand to change the name of Taj Mahal. Then BJP leader Vinay Katiyar had demanded to change the name of Taj Mahal. He said that it was built by a Hindu ruler. During that time this controversy came in a lot of discussion and many people also supported it.

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