Taliban One Year Rule Brings Misery And Disease In Afghanistan Claims In Report Of Catastrophic Humanitarian Crisis

Taliban One Year Rule in Afghanistan: A report has emerged...

Taliban One Year Rule in Afghanistan: A report has emerged of the worse situation in Afghanistan, which claims that the country has been gripped by a humanitarian crisis of suffering and diseases during the Taliban’s one year rule. The report said that last month the Musa Kala District Hospital in Helmand Province was forced to close its doors to everyone except those suspected of cholera. The story is told in a dilapidated hospital in southern Afghanistan, which has already been devastated by the war. This hospital was soon filled with innumerable patients, whose names were not even in the list. Even rusty needles were used for the patients.

The hospital lacks facilities to test for cholera. About 550 patients who showed symptoms of illness caused by a lack of basic hygiene requirements were hospitalized in a matter of days. People have become ill due to lack of clean drinking water and adequate sewerage system. The head of the hospital, Ehsanullah Rodi, told the media, “It is a very difficult situation, since there has been an influx of patients, getting only five hours of sleep at night.” Don’t see At the same time, the United Nations says that the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is the worst in the world.

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Victims told

The Russia-Ukraine war has had an impact on Afghanistan as well. Due to inflation and drought, the economically weaker section is in a bad condition. “Ever since the Taliban came to power, we haven’t even got cooking oil,” said a woman undergoing treatment for her six-month-old malnourished grandson at a hospital in Helmand. The 35-year-old woman said that the Taliban crush the poor under their feet. A woman named Breshna said that even bread is not available. A 20-year-old woman is treating her child. The woman said that she has not eaten anything for three-four days. A nurse said that the staff is in a bad condition.

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