Tejashwi Yadav Target CBI Raid Said- Will There Be A Single Party Government Also Spoke On The Mall In Gurugram Ann | Tejashwi Yadav’s target on CBI raid, said

Patna: Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav held a press...

Patna: Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav held a press conference in Patna on Thursday. During this, he taunted and challenged the CBI regarding the raids being conducted by RJD leaders. Tejashwi Yadav said that some channels say that Whiteland is becoming a private land mall. It is said that Tejashwi belongs to Yadav. We checked, verified who is the director, found out online that there is a Certificate of Incorporation, that is, a certificate from the Government of India. The media is running that 200 deeds have been found in the raids of the RJD leader. Lalu family’s arrested. We challenge that not a single deed of Lalu family has been caught.

The Deputy Chief Minister said that both the directors are from Haryana. How are we share holders? Show me the paper. The company was formed on 31.03.2021. where is my name somewhere? Navdeep is the owner and hails from Haryana. are the largest share holders. CBI team went to catch my mall and we caught BJP’s mall. Manohar Lal Khattar is building a bridge of praise as can be seen in the video. Does the CBI have the guts to file a case against BJP Mayor, MP and Khattar?

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Lalu Yadav is being abusively abused, Majestic

Tejashwi Yadav said that CBI, ED and Income Tax raids were conducted yesterday (Wednesday). That too on the day when the majority was to be proved. Tejashwi further said that our sources are saying that Lalu Yadav is being abused indecently and those whose house was red yesterday are being told that if you have a relationship with Lalu, you will arrest him. Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi, Mallya and Vigilance are roaming around and raids happen on us. Drugs are available at one place but nothing happens.

,Watching raids for two and a half decades,

Tejashwi said that Group D, which was reinstated, are being harassed. We have obeyed every order of the court. We have been watching raids for two and a half decades. They fear that except one party, all have come into the Grand Alliance. They will raid again. Everyone needs to be alert, this is Bihar. Nothing was done forcibly in Bihar. It’s just the beginning. They are showing their pastimes. It will be known when the people fight the battle. There are ministers of BJP who are playing in Bihar, they should take care. Don’t dream too much in Bihar. Don’t play.

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